We have provided youth a range of services since SIDA’s inception such us youth challenge programmes, sport games and tournaments, financial capability courses, business start-ups, career advice, job search, apprenticeship, volunteering and many more other support and development services.

Current services for youth:

1- Financial capability course funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland, in which 40 youth and young people members of both genders (14-25 years old) would learn personal and business budgeting, business start-ups, managing business, money management and Career development.

2- Mixed Martial Arts for both girls and boys of the age of 7-14 years old and 15-17 years of age.

3- Football sports and tournaments

4- Work placement and volunteering.

5- Youth offending and crime awareness

Financial Capability course: 

“Finances & Futures” [The Young Somali Financial Capability Initiative] is planned to be a 12 month pilot that will target young Somalis [14 – 25 years of age]

The group will be split into two cohorts dedicated towards males and females to accommodate gender and cultural exclusions that females are still experiencing today i.e. Less opportunities.

There will be 20 participants in each group [total of 40 young Somalis over the year] who will participate in one daily workshop / activity session each month [2 per month] for 12 months that will comprise: –

  • ​​ personal budgeting e.g. analyses of salary levels in London’s working life [the living wage], planning and managing moneys [e.g. how to plan and budget for food shopping], implications of loans and mortgages and other personal budgeting information
  • business spreadsheets: how to put business ideas down onto spreadsheets, projecting profit / loss and understanding the management of business moneys,
  • opening / managing a bank account: why one needs an account, types of account available, differences between accounts, savings and interest rates, bank fees and charges etc.
  • career planning: developing an effective CV, looking at employment options and skills sets required to pursue different pathways.
  • consideration of business ideas, relevant and required business skills training and development e.g. support with a view towards becoming self-employed and / or starting up a new private business

1-1 financial & business mentoring: we will link each trainee with a mentor who will be a volunteer or a SIDA staff member plus the group will be supported by an RBS staff member who is keen to support our youth.

Youth crime prevention seminars:

This activity is run in partnership with practicing Barristers and Solicitors.

Young people will learn/Gain

  1. Awareness of Justice system and how it works
  2.  Police powers to stop and search, detain, arrest and/or section.
  3.  Rights of young people/civilians in the event of being stopped by the police.
  4. Knife Crime
  5. Cyber Crime
  6. Gangs, human trafficking, drug and grooming and other youth crimes.
  7. Football Sports
  8. Martial Arts and access youth Resource Centre.