Family Development officer

Employment Details :

Somali Integration and Develoment Association is registered Charitable in Corporated Organisation(CIO) with charity number 1167198. It is a specialist Somali Community Based Charity in the london Borough of Southwark that provides a range of services and activities to the Somali Southwark Residents.We have a Part time Post to Advertise.

Post Title :                      Family Development Officer

Salary :                           NJC Scale Point 18 @ £17,714 + £3,322 Inner London Weighting

Hours :                            15 hours per week [3 days per week at 5 hours per day for increased time allocation making best use of available hours]

Starting Salary :              £9,015.43

Probationary period :      3 months

Responsible to :               Co-ordinator [Chief Officer] / Board of trustees

Purpose of Job                Delivery of the new project, “Learning Together” which is a new idea targeted at Somali families to address the many challenges they face as migrants in the UK including isolation as parents, language difficulties, culture clashes [with their children who are more ‘British’ than they], children’s education, better parenting / family communications and enabling social connections.

Duties to Deliver the Project :

“Learning Together” (the Somali Family Development Project) : the Family Development Officer will deliver a programme of activities whcih will include :-

  1. Awareness Raising : to tell Somali families we are here ! 
  2. Volunteer recruitment and training to engage families as volunteers to provide peer-to-peer support 
  3. Social Activity : being a parent can be isolating, especially when experiencing economic and social disadvantage ; the programme will bring Somali families together to engage in community activity, make friends with other families, share ideas and support each other. 
  4. Group Workshops : identifying issues with the families and arranging responsive workshops and educational sessions to address them e.g. supporting children’s homework, improving English language, parental skills, communications skills etc.
  5. Engagement & Participation : introduction of a Family Forum to discuss issues and give them a ‘voice’ General Duties and Responsibilities :The Family Development Officer is expected to :-
  1. Develop and maintain good communication and working relationship with the Board, statutory and voluntary agencies, other staff and the local community.
  2. Make receive phone calls to / from relevant organisations for and on behalf of families 
  3. Keep accurate and detailed statistical records of all families and volunteers
  4. Provide monthly reports to the Board detailing progression of the work
  5. Undertake general administrative work of the project, eg. typing of letters, memo’s for families, reports etc. 
  6. Represent SIDA and attend external meetings
  7. Attend regular staff and management committee meetings 
  8. Receive regular supervision from line manager [Co-ordinator]
  9. Provide effective supervision, support and training to volunteers 
  10. Work with other relevant agencies in partnership / collaboratively 
  11. Contribute to forward planning priorities of project based on identified client needs
  12. Contribute to the monitoring and evaluation procedures of the project by the maintenance of effective records, statistics and production of appropriate reports
  13. Ensure effective use of available resources including equipment, SIDA staff, project sessional staff, volunteers and other agencies.
  14. Be based at the SIDA centre and deliver family activity there from [SIDA reserves the right to change its location and the base of the post-holder]
  15. Operate via outreach 
  16. Undertake other duties and responsibilities commensurate with the job and grade as determined by the line manager [Co-ordinator]Please your CV and Covering letter to: [email protected]

Youth Project- Finance and Future Project-

Post Title :                    Youth Development Coordinator

Salary :                 £6,568.91 -Based on NJC Scale Point 29 [£25,440 + £3,299 ILW] : 7 hours per week pro rata

Hours :                            7 hours per week

Starting Salary :            £6,568.91 

Probationary period :      3 months

Responsible to :               Co-ordinator [Chief Officer] / Board of trustees

Purpose of Job                Delivery of the new project, “ Finance and Future” which is a new idea targeted at Somali Youth to address the many challenges they face as first or second generation of migrants in the UK including isolation, language difficulties, culture clashes], Financial Capabilities, Business Start apps and opportunities of employment, Further or higher education, career advice, apprenticeship , job search and employment.