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Who are we?

The Somali Integration and Development Association (SIDA) is a voluntary association founded in 1989 initially to serve the needs of the Somali community in South London but now works in partnership with Somalis throughout the UK and overseas.​ ​In 2009, SIDA merged with 2 other Somali community organisations – Aylesbury Somali Women’s Health Project and Southwark Somali Women’s Group which increased our capacity to serve the community and allowed us to develop a special focus on helping Somali women. SIDA continues to grow as we take on more local, national and international matters concerning integration and development.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Somali communities improve the quality of their lives enabling them to become fully empowered and play an effective role in their local society. Our work is for the common good and collective well-being; we bring people together, sharing knowledge and coordinating developmental activity, opinion and insight. ​