Healthy Living activities:

  • Strength and Balance in partnership with the NHS-  Wednesdays 10am-1pm
  • Positive Aging Workshops-periodically
  • Social and Networking Activities
  • Befriending services
  • Trips and Outings

Who we help


SIDA run a regular program of exercise sessions led by professional experts every Wednesday between 12-1pm and awareness seminars and workshops in partnership with Southwark sports and leisure department, Age UK and Southwark Health watch.

Storytelling to everyone across all generations​

We all know that our senior citizens have many wonderful and informative stories that will entertain and educate us. We bring people of all generations together to hear these stories so they can be carried down from grandparents to the grandchildren for future generations.


SIDA runs a series of football sessions for more senior players. Please call us for more details and a schedule of the activities​


Many of the elders in our community are capable of making a huge contribution and wish to continue enjoying an active working life for many years to come. SIDA offers courses to help senior citizens gain employment in both the voluntary, public and private sector.

Our Back to work program is a joint partnership between SIDA, the Job centre and numerous local employers and other agencies. We offer guidance and assistance in the following:

● CV Preparation
● Job search skills
● ​Interview techniques
​ ● Self employment and volunteering

Community Training and Support for Elders

Although maybe enjoying life at a slightly slower pace, our elder citizens are still highly active and also need to adapt and integrate with the broader community. We offer advisory sessions for our more senior community members on topics such as:

● Health
● Ageing and Living independently
● Numeracy – Literacy – English & Basic skills
● Parental and Grandparental responsibilities
● Citizenship, crime prevention and safeguarding children